Baby Leather Loafers for a Growing Baby

Keeping shoes on my baby boy’s feet is and has always been a chore for me.  And, believe me, I’ve heard all about how maybe I shouldn’t have any child in shoe – ever!  Especially when it comes to moms who are more into natural lifestyles or have experienced problems with their children’s feet, shoes can be a touchy subject to bring up with them.  However, I live in an area of the United States that gets snow, sometimes several inches to feet every so often during the winter.  I do keep my babies in baby leather loafers to help their feet both in and outside the house.

I thought it was bad when I accidentally admitted that I didn’t puree my own organic carrots for our oldest child to one of best friends.  Her baby is six months older than ours and so she sees herself as the professional and know-it-all mom.  I’ll agree that she has done ten times the research that I have when it comes to the good, the bad and the ugly of having and raising a baby.  In fact, I think she has his life and career already planned out.

One of the hardest things to do with certain individuals is to stand up for what you believe, even if the person you are talking to has facts and data sheets to back up their opinion.  What it comes down to is your gut feeling on the way to raise your child.  I totally understand that my friend doesn’t want any antibiotics or growth hormones in her baby, and truly believe that most chemicals are harmful.  I’m a little more laid back and have seen that my children haven’t suffered any traumatic or life-altering illness due to not feeding them purely organic foods. 

I guess I should add a disclaimer here – because there are some parents that don’t have common sense understanding when taking care of themselves and their children, so running off gut instinct may not be a great piece of advice from me! 

It is kind of sad that we have to put warning labels on everything, and that we can’t raise our children like we were raised, but that is a topic for another day, and I’m betting you won’t read it because you are one of the few that don’t need to be told that a plastic bag is not a toy or that sticking a child in a dryer is not recommended under any circumstance. 

When it comes to baby shoes, I have decided to go against my friend’s best advice and to put them on my children.  Part of the reason for this is that we have hardwood floors that just never seem to get warm in the winter, and socks never seemed to be enough isolation to keep my babies’ feet warm, especially when they were up and walking around a lot. 

There are, however, some criterion when it came to my purchases, because I never wanted to cause pain or long-term problems in my children’s’ feet. 

  • The shoes had to have soft bottoms for the most flexibility in the foot
  • The material had to be natural, so leather was the best choice
  • They had to be something that would go with more than one outfit
  • They had to be affordable

These standards may not be your standards, and that is perfectly fine.  My thoughts behind all of this has come from some research that I’ve done between naptime and feeding times.  Soft bottom or soft soled shoes have been proven over the generations to be the solution to the argument between no shoes and shoes with rigid structure, more like the ones that adults wear.  A baby or toddler is still learning so much and part of the process that has to be accounted for includes the sensory input from their feet, such as the need to learn when to curl the toes for balance and when stepping on something, how it feels. 

The soft bottom, especially made with leather, allows for the sensory input to still happen, even if it is muted.  Plus, the fact that leather allows for the foot to breathe, because we all know that a baby’s foot is quite the sweat factory. 

I personally lover the look of baby loafers simply because they are a type of shoe that can look both casual and slightly formal, so I can use them for many types of outfits and occasions, rather than buying several pairs of shoes that work for only specific circumstances.  But, you could be completely different and appreciate lots of different types of shoes and lots of colors, but with how quickly their feet grow, you are buying more shoes for your son or daughter per year than you will go through in three or four years. 

Affordability and overall costs are a concern and issue for many families that are just trying to make ends meet.  If you know that your child is only going to be wearing a pair of shoes for two to four months, you might reconsider buying numerous pairs at one time, and save your pennies for something more important.

You are navigating a minefield of topics that can be hard to deal with, raising a child or children in a world that is very different than the one we grew up in, trying to live within a budget and do this all while not being absolutely perfect at any of it.  Luckily, our children will forgive us for most of the mistakes that we make, make their own fair share of mistakes, and then do it with their own children.  Have perspective in all of this that those baby leather loafers are not going to make or break their childhood experiences and tomorrow is a brand-new day to try and doing things just a little bit better.